Draped - A love song

Short film

Draped - A love song - Sasha, Tina and Jeff in the studio - © Mias Media
Draped - A love song - Jerry Di Giacomo as the driver, listening to "Draped" - © Mias Media
Draped - A love song - Tina (Natacha Krief) is shocked by the lyrics in Sasha's song - © Mias Media
Draped - A love song - Sasha in the studio - © Mias Media

Sasha tries to record a love song while Tina and Jeff look on.

A short comedy. Sacha, an aspiring singer, tries to record his first love song. But the lyrics of the song are confusing Jeff and Tina, the engineer and his girlfriend.

duration 8 min
distribution Internet


Scott Koehler
Natacha Krief
Jeremias Nussbaum
Jerry Di Giacomo
Jonathan Perrein


Writing and directing: Jeremias Nussbaum
DOP: Béatrice Mizrahi
Camera assistant: Tom Haudry
Electrician: Nicolas Esnouf
Sound: Lucas Goix
Location manager: Philippe Jasko
Location assistant: Jonathan Perrein
Costumes: Magali Castellan
Set design and props: Philippe Jasko
Make-up and hair: Marie Gombeaud
Sound editing:
Sound mixing:
Color timing: Reda Berbar
Original music: Corentin Kerdraon

in post-production