Our fascinating past


Christophe Prévost as guest and Camille de la Guillonnière as the host of "Our fascinating past"

Intentionally impertinent, this pilot for a ‘fake’ cultural show, plummets us into the superficiality of Paris. The host, Jean-Luc de la Moelle, will play the role of a total “wanna-be”: beige turtleneck, tweed blazer thrown casually over his shoulder and perfectly coiffed hair. “Our fascinating past” revisits “The” figure of the French literary world, the one and only Jean-Jacques Rousseau, largely inspired by a stamp-collecting historian known as Maître Renaud. He will enthusiastically explore all the tours and detours of history. A comedic moment that is as insane as it is hilarious and is played out by two comedians who more importantly then all else, do not take themselves seriously.


Yet again, this cultural parody was born out of the meeting of two actors. It began with Jeremias Nussbaum and Christophe Prévost, from the French comedy show, Groland, who brought his sense of satire. Jeremias Nussbaum then met Camille de la Guillonnière, a veteran theater actor and director. His role as the unbelievable Jean-Luc de la Moelle was his first in front of the camera. To be continued…

duration 5 min
distribution online


Writing and directing: Jeremias Nussbaum
Camera: Juan Siquot
Sound: Blaise Blanchier
Make-up and hair: Axelle Quinty


Camille de la Guillonnière
Christophe Prevost
Michèle Seeberger