Sasha and Brouno

short series

© Photo: Marie-Sophie Leturc

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Sasha and Brouno are on a rooftop dealing with their tortured friendship while watching the world from above. They don’t want to miss anything from the craziness that reigns below. Sasha, who is innately intuitive, wonders what drives this preoccupied crowd. In the tradition of a comedy duo Sasha and Brouno bring to light the necessity of taking a step back to refine our vision of things. With redeeming irony, they chip away at our desire to race ahead without ever looking in the rear-view mirror.


“Life doesn’t make any sense but we are going to find some anyway.” Sacha and Brouno

Jeremias Nussbaum and actors Bruno Paviot and David Talbot have a powerful connection. “Sasha and Brouno” is a web series created by Jeremias Nussbaum in 2012. Inspired by the zany world of Monty Python, this web series, which is intentionally directed in a very sparse fashion, banks on poetic comedy and realism, which puts the non-sense of our lives onto the front lines.
In 2018, the two anti-heroes return to the internet with new episodes co-written by Nussbaum and Maxime Fassiotti. The two writers recently read passages from the new series at the “Brouillage” radio festival in Paris. With plenty of off-color derision, we will find our two fantasy-filled heroes tracing their tragi-comical path with just a touch of sarcasm.

duration 5x2 min
distribution online

Selected at Web-Festival La Rochelle, France


Bruno Paviot
David Talbot


Lola Naymark


Writing and directing: Jeremias Nussbaum
Image: Olivier Baillon
Sound: Vincent Fenton
Grip: Pascal Saling
Gaffer: Aurélien Ribault
Costumes: Alice Esclasse
Make-Up: Tiphaine Robert
Location manager: Jonathan Perrein