Hotel Perfect

Feature film

Storyboard drawings

Sasha, a young Russian guy, does not want to give away his youth to the Russian Army. Driven by the need to free himself from his plight, he secretly crosses Europe in a covered truck and ends up in Paris. He finds a dodgy hotel and is quickly thrown out because he cannot pay. He will set up home on the roof of that hotel and build a cabana. He will be assisted by Daniel, a Nigerian illegal immigrant. Daniel fled Nigeria and his angry wife, who he left behind. He will also meet Rosanna, who lives with Franck, the hotel’s owner. Their affair compensates his solitude. Franck clearly wants to own Rosanna’s heart. They are the last remaining clients of the hotel, which is a sort of “No man’s land” for those who are outcasts from our global existence. This improbable trio will give way to a story of friendship and then a romantic moment between Rosanna and Sasha, but their romance will be cut short by the border police, determined to deport Sasha and Daniel. Sasha will manage to escape, but a strange yet humanistic policeman will end up escorting Daniel to the border…


“Hotel Perfect” was born from a desire to create a contemporary fable rooted in social reality. The film focuses on emotional handicaps, which will direct our protagonists’ futures. With Sasha, his anti-hero, Jeremias Nussbaum continues his very closely detailed exploration of our flaws that only true love, free of material chains, can make less painful. Vacillating between social drama, levity and an atypical love story, the script for “Hotel Perfect” received backing from the Beaumarchais-SACD association.

duration 90 min
distribution movie theaters

screenplay grant SACD-Beaumarchais

Screenplay: Jeremias Nussbaum

in development

Hotel Perfect