Six Roasted Chickens


After his electro-pop hit Draped In A Dragon, Sacha sings about the sadness of roasted chickens, in a romantic retro-kitsch way. But is he really talking about our feathered friends? And what is he doing, in a pink suit and silver cowboy boots, in this muddy chicken coop? See the full music video here: Six Poulets Rôtis

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duration 4 min
distribution Internet

15th Underground Cinema Film Awards Dublin, Athens International Film and Video Festival 2024, Cine-Maniacs Filmfest 2024, European Independent Film Festival 2024


Sasha Sychëv
Isabelle Couloigner
† Hortensia


Directing: Jeremias Nussbaum
DOP: Yann Seweryn
Camera assistant: Garel H. Meunier-Mezonnet
Location manager: Philippe Jasko
Costumes: Magali Castellan
Set design and props: Philippe Jasko
Make-up and hair: Amelie Javegny
Sound editing: Jules Jasko
Sound mixing: Jules Jasko
Color timing: Christophe Boula
Original music: Santiago Dolan
Lyrics: Sasha Sychev

Art direction, poster: Delphine Bereski
Pictures & promotional video: Andreas B. Krueger
Make-up and hair photos: Marie Gombeaud

Equipment: 25 degrés, Puzzle Vidéo, Collectif Costume, Borealia Films


Six Roasted Chickens