One mans fortune

Short film


Interior. Day. In our era of nonstop depressing breaking news, an atypical couple goes to the therapist. Their issue is not boredom. It is that they feel that their life is too full of enjoyment and satisfaction. Confronted with this out-of-the-ordinary consultation, the therapist is destabilized and does not know what to do with his clients’ joy nor the energy that suddenly reigns in the outside world.
In this short film, the mood vacillates between maliciousness and poetic moments. It raises the question of our ubiquitous appetite for difficulty when, in fact, happiness could be the most beautiful gift we could give our lives. Ode to unencumbered joy, lightness in a world principally providing darkness, “One man’s fortune” paints a second level of reality and intentionally absurd palette, making us aware of about the sinister atmosphere that reigns around us.


“Making a film is somehow akin to psychoanalysis. To make a film about a consultation with a psychotherapist is like laying down on the couch two times…” With these words, Jeremias Nussbaum invites us into his offbeat world. A happiness activist, he questions the complexity of our state of being.

duration 8 min
distribution film festivals

Festival Off-Courts Trouville, "Best narrative short" Festival Lift-Off Paris, Short film corner Festival de Cannes 2017, Courts en Champagne 2017, Festival Lift-Off Vancouver, Festival Lift-Off Sydney, Filmstrip Festival 2017, Tournez-Court Saint Etienne, LISFE Leiden 2018, PerSe Visioni 2018, Festival du Film court de l'Isle-Adam, Royal Starr Festival Detroit


Jean-Michel Fournereau
Valerie Crouzet
Bruno Paviot
Céline Milliat-Baumgartner
Helene Jupin
Lola Naymark
Guillaume Barbot


Gwenola de Luze
Maxime Fassiotti
Corentin Kerdraon
Elsa Landard
Jonathan Perrein


Writing and directing: Jeremias Nussbaum
Assistant director: Vanessa Payri
DOP: Juan Siquot
Camera assistant: Jeronimo Acero
Electrician: François Tillot
Grip: Benoit Féréol
Sound: Renaud Michel, Xavier Rémy
Continuity: Orane Ruellan
Location manager: Florian Eyerhabide
Location assistant: Arnaud Winisdoerffer
Costumes: Lola Fournier, Ariane Bourgeois
Set design and props: Philippe Jasko
Make-up and hair: Axelle Quinty
Sound editing: Xavier Rémy
Sound mixing: Edouard Morin
Color timing: Reda Berbar

One mans fortune