Jacquelines revolution

Short film

Alice Faure is Jacqueline

Monday morning at the office. While Jacqueline and Brouno pass the time as they can, Sasha decides that he has enough. He gets up and stands on his chair. The revolution has begun.

In this farce about employees whose work is meaningless, Jeremias Nussbaum makes fun of our concept of modern work life. True to his habit of using comedy and absurdity, the Franco-German director tackles this time the hot topic of revolt. When Sasha gets up in his chair, everything changes. And yet nothing changes.
This is a full-on satire, as much of the alienation of work as of the fleeting energy of protest, whose impetus can be so quickly extinguished when our comfort is threatened.

duration 7 min
distribution film festivals

Best narrative short & Best director at Progeny Film Festival 2019, Beveren Film Festival 2019, Iceland Comedy Film Festival 2019, E&U European short film festival Frankfurt Germany, Purbeck Film Festival UK, EIFA 2019, Polish International Film Festival


Alice Faure
Bruno Paviot
Jeremias Nussbaum
Scott Koehler
Chantal Baroin
Harold Bultez
Jean-Michel Fournereau
Bettina Kuehlke
voice: Christian Pelissier


Writing and directing: Jeremias Nussbaum
Assistant director: Vanessa Payri
DOP: Charles-Hubert Morin
Electrician and grip: Mathieu Muller
Sound: Ivan Broussegoutte
Production and location manager: Héloïse Torroella
Production assistant: Maria Rie
Costumes: Magali Castellan
Set design and props: Philippe Jasko
Make-up and hair: Mityl Brimeur
Sound editing: Xavier Rémy
Sound mixing: Aymeric Dupas
Color timing: Reda Berbar

Music rights: Parigo Music

Jacquelines revolution