Mias Media

MIAS MEDIA is an independent production company that stands by their claim for freedom of tone and vision. Mias Média’s goal is to produce content for new media platforms and the big screen. The company wants to share adventures where poetry and satire create bridges to create another vision of the world. A laboratory of our tender or bizarre dreams, Mias Média invites us to follow the wanderings of an anti-hero who can almost reach up and touch the stars.

The company’s main goal is to create a strong link with as large a public as possible, and to be void of cultural discrimination. Mias Média develops projects which feed our imaginations and encourage us to approach life from yet another angle. The power of utopia and poetry are critical themes as they are an invitation to explore new avenues and decrease the gray of our day-to-day lives.


Driven by notions of solidarity and social unity, Mias Média works in their own way, to create a more equitable world where losers might just have a chance to become winners.


Jeremias Nussbaum is at the origin of this adventure. German, actor, screenwriter and director, Jeremias Nussbaum has fluidly moved through countries and languages. He also has consistently known how to surround himself with passionate, multi-cultural professionals with whom he has built his visual universe. That universe is unique and inspired by the golden age of silent cinema, by French author Roland Dubillard, Beckett, and by biting British humor. Under its current form, Mias Média has existed since 2012.


• To have harmonious cohabitation between quality and entertainment
• To cultivate hope and courage in our sometimes gray universe
• To dare to be light and have an off-center tone to bring up conflict and other distractions from “The Society of the Spectacle,” the term coined by French writer Guy Debord in his book by the same name.


To learn more about Jeremias Nussbaum, visit his personal site: jeremiasnussbaum.com.